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The New Client/Provider Relationship

man meditating in nature

Having a synchronous relationship with a client as a healthcare provider is rare and a great honor.  To BE chosen in partnership to raise the healthy vibration and frequency mutually and beyond is a gift from the Divine.

The common knowing of Oneness provides a strong foundation to be vulnerable and allowing. The process of being intentional, kind, loving, and vulnerable raises the frequency and vibration of now and beyond what my client and I are experiencing.  It is the proverbial “ripple effect”.

With intention of Play and witnessing my client hike the Pacific Crest Trail while continuing the work of self-care, self-reflection, self-loving, and self-forgiveness has offered many perspectives on health and well-being from a broader, higher view.  His idea of luxury is certainly different from mine!

My client is willing to grab my hand as a powerful co-creator of change, transformation, and healing alchemy.  This experience for me as a healthcare provider feels like a futuristic dream.  Imagine the healthcare clinic of the future, green with gardens, organic food, beautiful essences of essential healing oils, vibrational and healing frequencies easily accessible to all.  My client emerges from the clinic with a beautiful smile after being evaluated, seen, and energetically enhanced in a 2-to-4-hour session.  From the initial intake and powerful transformation my client becomes part of a community that is supportive and knowing of the same intrinsic power of curiosity, exploration, expansion, acceptance, and ultimate transformation that is impressive and mysterious.  The “How” is surrendered to the Divine and all dis-ease melts ways to the ethers.  This healing superpower is in you, me, and all of us!

I am forever grateful for this experience now. I am inspired.  Working intentionally and synchronistical with a client as a healthcare provider changes everything energetically.  Approaching health and wellness through a holistic Divinely inspired lens of Oneness offers a different way forward.  I am grateful to this client and many more who are now ready and willing to see things differently!

Inspired action with a healthcare provider that is accessible to meet your unique needs on your journey are available now.  Contact Remnant Healthcare to begin with a team of dedicated healthcare professionals to co-create a healthy you, family, community, state, and country!

The ripple effect of change begins now!  You got this and we are here to support and guide you!

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