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Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Kimberly Overton headshot

Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN

Founder/Executive Director

Kimberly Overton is a Registered Nurse in Hendersonville, TN with a background in Critical Care. In July of 2021 she founded Nurse Freedom Network to stand against the medical tyranny we are now facing. She is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and has worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, serving in both clinical and administrative roles. Kimberly has a true passion for providing patient-centered care that focuses on empowering individuals through information and education. She has been a strong advocate for autonomy and informed consent throughout her career. Beyond the advocacy, her larger vision for Nurse Freedom Network has always been creating opportunities for nurses to break away from this broken and oppressive "sickcare" system, and empower them to cultivate their own environment; one in which both nurses and patients alike will THRIVE. In 2022, she founded Remnant Nursing Services, a PMA specializing in the consultation & care of the vaccine injured.

Nicole Pavlik headshot

Nicole Pavlik, BSN, RN, PHom

Director of Homeopathy

Founder: Goodness Grover PMA. Nicole Pavlik attended Brookdale to receive her associates degree in nursing where she became a registered nurse. After struggling with her own autoimmune health issues and working in long term care with the elderly and seeing their struggles, she quickly realized the healthcare system was lacking and knew there had to be a better way. She then attended Pacific college of oriental medicine to study for her holistic nursing bachelors degree. She studied at the Dr Josh Axe institute of medicine to become an essential oils coach. She studied at the transformative nurse coach collective to become a board certified nurse health coach and holistic nurse. She is an ear seeds practitioner, reiki healer, EFT practitioner and also one of the few Global Study Group Leaders of Joette Calabrese Homeopathy curriculum. She is a Graduate from The Academy of Practical Homeopathy, currently a Mastery student and a practicing Practical Homeopath. Nicole is the founder and owner of Goodness Grover, PMA a membership association she created in her father’s name after he was killed in a tragic accident. She believes life is short and we must seize all opportunities to live life to the fullest. Her passion is holistic health and helping others achieve it. Her motto is “Empowering families to take charge of their health!” At Goodness Grover, PMA she offers various ways to educate others by holding or hosting classes and workshops on zoom and in person. She also does talks on health topics and sells products to not only educate but to put the tools in the hands of the people for them to achieve wellness! She also offers various types of coaching and consultations to help educate others with her vast knowledge and experience to guide them on their healing journey. Her experience as a nurse, homeopath and chronic disease sufferer (now healed) puts her in a unique place to help guide you on your health journey. She specializes in helping those with hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, mental health disorders, addiction, vaccine injured, MCAS and POTS, Long haulers Covid, Gut dysbiosis, nutrient deficiencies, Allergies, Migraines, Pain Management, Lyme, Mold, Detox and Parasite removal. She sees clients of all ages including children and will also provide guidance for your pets and farm animals. In her spare time she enjoys researching, spending time with her husband and 7 kids, cooking REAL FOOD and gardening!

Renee Konatsu headshot

Renee Konatsu, FAACM, RN

Renee Konatsu is a Registered Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner living in Gig Harbor, Wash. Born and raised in Central California, she graduated with a nursing degree in 1989 and began her career as a critical care nurse in Fresno. Her 34-year background also includes Home Care, Integrative Case Management, Functional TMD Consulting Practice, and Clinical/Administrative Management roles. Renee’s heartfelt passion to empower and advocate for others is what led her to be a nurse. “I’ve always had the desire to serve and care for others - It’s second nature to me.“ As a Certified Case Manager, Renee has been standing in the gap to find healing integrative care for people with serious illnesses and injuries little understood and discounted by doctors. During this time of continuous inexcusable medical harm, loss of life and medical freedom, she first got involved as a volunteer for the Daily Clout Pfizer Document Review Team. “I’m very grateful God led me to the Remnant Nursing Team. It feels like my whole life has been spent in preparation for a time such as this. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I am ready to help you take control of your well-being by restoring your health and resilient wellness so you can live your best life.”

Regina Schmidt headshot

Regina Schmidt, BSN, RN

My Name is Regina, I was born and raised in Europe where holistic medicine is still strongly practiced. My professional healthcare journey started when, in 2002, I graduated with an associates degree in medical assistance, and later on I finished my undergraduate degree and obtained BSN in nursing. I chose to study in the medical field because of my unconditional love to help others, to help change peoples’ lives, and teach people other paths to health. My ultimate goal was always to change peoples “perceptions so they can change their outcomes” and get on their way to healing (B. Lipton The Biology of the Belief). There is always a way!!! In 2020, I received devastating news of an abnormal MRI which led to many blood tests and visits to the doctors, which didn’t help getting answers as to what was wrong. My doctor prescribed me medicine which I felt was a cover up to not investigate the root of my real problems. I was determined to find the answers myself, so I dug deep and started self-educating myself, modifying my lifestyle and uncovered many unhealed traumas. This health journey confirmed what I always voiced to my patients about health. Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit… To heal takes courage to face the reality of what made us sick and it may require us to change our diet, cleanse our body of toxins, incorporate exercise, make changes to our lifestyles, take supplements to rebuild our microbiome of the gut, and explore alternative health modalities. Today, I am symptom free and it has been almost five years, in fact, I feel better than ever before. The doctors never took into consideration outside factors like how’s my sleep, how much water am I getting, what does my stress level look like each day, I think asking these questions could have really helped me after my first diagnoses. I have been working in the medical field since 2003.My professional experience consists of working with the pediatric population, critical care (ER) and the surgical / ambulatory center setting. Over the years, I have been observing our healthcare and implementation of protocols that nurses have to follow. The healthcare system has been changing and, unfortunately, not for the best. I’m grateful that I found Remnant Nurses and can help be the change in our healthcare community. My values and belief system align with their philosophy. I’m looking forward to working with you to dig deep and find the root causes of your health problems by advocating for your health and going over your options of preventative care for your body, spirit and mind. Uncovering the root cause is key to maintain good health and well-being.

Gail Macrae headshot

Gail Macrae, BSN, RN

Former Student Certified Nurse Midwife and woman’s health Nurse Practitioner. Gail was not able to complete the 700 hours for certification due to COVID 19 “vaccine” mandate. She worked ICU, TELE, MedSurg and Labor and Delivery as a nurse for ten years. During Covid, She worked for Kaiser Permanente in the Bay Area of California and saw first-hand that the media was deceiving the public on all things related to Covid 19. She chose to leave the hospital setting to advocate for justice. She now works in patient advocacy, legal justice and as a confounders of a project called Stand Firm Now to gather expert witness testimony via mass filing of an affidavits called Covid Commonalities. Please visit for more information.

Krista O'Dea headshot

Krista O'Dea

Director of Client & Triage Services

Krista O'Dea is a National Registry Paramedic, current NJ State Paramedic, and NYC REMAC Paramedic. She began her career as an EMT in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY where she was born and raised.  She worked within the 911 system, serving her community, since 2005.  She operated as a NYC Paramedic throughout Covid-19, until the vaccine mandate was put into place. She was terminated in March of 2022 for adhering to her convictions.   In addition to paramedicine, Krista is also a functional medicine practitioner, student (home birth) midwife, prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and Reiki Master Practitioner.  Caring for others is engrained into her very soul.  Ever since she was a child, she knew this gift was given to her to serve others and she wholeheartedly accepted this ordination. Patient care and advocacy have always been, and always will be, her utmost priority.  Over the last few years, she witnessed the degradation of informed consent and the right to bodily autonomy. She witnessed out right medical malfeasance and crimes against humanity.  Her goal is to take the power back to the people, where it belongs. She is honored to be a part of Remnant Nursing where true care is administered honestly and ethically and where clients play an integral role in managing their health and well-being. She looks forward to supporting you on your path to a fulfilling and healthy life!

Lanie Willis headshot

Lanie Willis, NP, BSN, RN

Hello all! My name is Lanie Willis, and I am a tenured Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner of 22 years. My passion lies in educating both parents and children about the vital significance of prevention and striving for a healthy lifestyle. I am eager to contribute to your personal healing journey by utilizing homeopathic methods that can complement and enhance the limitations of western medicine. Throughout my childhood, I grappled with persistent illnesses; as a mother, I witnessed my children and grandchildren face their own health challenges. Like many of you, we found that modern medicine provided only temporary relief for our suffering. Years of feeling powerless and a brief stint working within the confines of the traditional western model led me to question the status quo. I began challenging the lack of emphasis on preventive measures, the side effects that accompanied every cure, and the recurring failures within our healthcare system. This realization has brought me to where I am today – on a journey toward natural wellness and a fervent advocacy for comprehensive healthcare. I am grateful for the opportunity to support you and your family in your pursuit of holistic well-being. Thank you for entrusting me with your care.

Erin Peer headshot

Erin Peer, NP-C

Hello! I'm Erin Peer, Nurse Practitioner, Owner and Founder of Peer Family Functional Medicine. I practice functional medicine which aims to discover the root cause of functional imbalance in the body and where we can intervene upstream from those imbalances to avoid or reverse chronic disease downstream. Practicing functional medicine aligns with how I believe medicine should be taught and practiced. It takes time, partnership, listening, trust, and faith and additionally ensures that health remains through sustainable, day to day healthy practices. I'm a native to Fort Wayne, Indiana and a mom of 5 kids who range in age from 25 to 3! My husband, Jeremy, and I even have 2 grandkids already! We enjoy camping and spending lots of time outdoors and with our family. It lights up my soul and is such a joy to serve individuals through the lens of Functional Medicine to educate, inspire, and empower. It gives me the gift and opportunity to practice my passion about true and sustained health of individuals so we can all grow in community together while enjoying the blessing of resilient vitality- in other words- HEALTH-as health naturally repels disease or “dis-ease.” I truly enjoy connecting and working to build a strong community network that will help support each other- client/patient and healing practitioner alike. In 2015, I graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a Masters in the Science of Nursing, a Family Nurse Practitioner program. Out of this program, I quickly learned that I had a passion for families and individuals with health conditions and concerns for which solely conventional approaches were not working or just not fitting into their perception of personal wellness and health. After graduating, I gained experience in a busy pediatric clinic here in Fort Wayne where I was introduced to the concept of Functional Medicine and was able to apply learned provisions of this approach to a pediatric population. Over the past several years, I have been practicing, learning, and collaborating with other local integrative practices, fine tuning my clinical skill in Functional Medicine while applying knowledge I have gained in my studies. Since September 2021, I have been an active student with the School of Applied Functional Medicine. I am studying diligently to obtain Certification through the Applied Functional Medicine Certification™ (AFMC), a highly regarded certifying body which "distinguishes a practitioner, acknowledging their advanced training in functional medicine principles and their detailed, practical application." It's an honor to be of service to YOU and our community in this way. I look forward to meeting with you and your family!

Joanie McKenzie headshot

Joanie McKenzie, BSN, RN

I have been a nurse for 19 years. I started my career in 1998 as a CNA and worked my way up from there. I had my ADN (associate degree nurse) for about 15 years before working up the nerve to return to school. A little over a year ago I graduated with my BSN. I was inspired to be a nurse from reading a Clara Barton book in third grade. Her passion to take care of the whole person inspired me. She was never satisfied with putting soldiers back together physically, she wanted to reunite them with the healing love of the soldier’s family. She spent a lot of time reuniting families with their soldier even after the soldier was killed in battle. She began her service to soldiers by taking care of her brother after a severe injury from a fall and she continued past the Battle of Antietam when she started the American Red Cross. She approached her practice with passion for those she cared for. I believe nursing was not a job but a calling. It was during COVID that I realized that my career is a calling, not just a job or career. The shifts were long, typically at least 15 hours instead of the scheduled 12, and the 3 days a week schedule was not enough. I wanted to help patients not sit at home and wonder how each one was doing. I worked in Rehabilitation/Long Term Care where my patients became like “family members” to me. I could literally envision them in my home making me laugh at their life stories. 3 days a week easily turned into 5 days a week. I lost 8 of my “family members” (residents) during the “plandemic”. I was frequently asked by the family of the resident to be with their loved ones as they passed because family members were not allowed to be in the community. On days off, I would do that for the family, holding a hand or playing their favorite music. COVID took its toll on me more so after the truth was revealed of its plan to kill. Those who planned the “plandemic” were succeeding. When I woke to the truth, I began researching ways to combat the injuries. I currently work as a travel nurse in orthopedics. I have also spent time working on the Neurology Units where I see firsthand what the jab is doing to the young. After a stroke, if they live, many have neurological deficits. I want to be available to others who need help so we can minimize damage. The Remnant Nursing team is allowing me to join the team to provide options to overcome vaccine injury. My goal is getting to a place where I can team up with individuals who care for the whole person. The injury from the jab varies with the individual. If allopathic medicine and the symptoms do not fit into a box or read about in a textbook, we are not doomed to die. We can continue the road to health together.

Silvana Casale headshot

Dr. Silvana Casale

Neuropsychologist, Autism Specialist

Silvana Casale is a school neuropsychologist that received her PhD degree in learning disorders from the University of Miami. She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with neurological learning disabilities. She has worked with special education teams to design and implement individual educational plans. Silvana attended Boston College for her undergraduate, masters, and certificate of advanced studies degrees. There she specialized in psychology, and counseling, children and teenagers . She worked in Massachusetts Cambridge Public Schools as a school psychologist for nine years. Silvana also worked at The New England Center for Mental Health as the school neuropsychologist completing evaluations for all referred children with behavioral and learning disorders. Silvana has expertise in diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder, and helping families find the path to healing these children. In California Silvana worked in private practice as well as CEO and owner of “Reading Spelling Solutions” a center helping children with learning disabilities. She also serves as a mentor for TACA (The Autism Community In Action). Silvana worked as a psychologist at the Calvary Christian Academy in San Jose California under pastor, Mike McClure. Pastor Mike maintained his church and school open and became nationally well known as the minister that defied the Santa Clara County mandates and refused to close his church doors to all parish attendees. Silvana plans to continue to help diagnosing and healing children through Remnant Wellness.

Grace DeFee headshot

Grace DeFee, BSN, RN

Clinical Director

Hi my name is Grace DeFee and I have been a nurse for over 35 years. I have also been married for 35 years now to a military veteran who served 38 years for our great country! We have 3 amazing adult children (our oldest son also serves in the USAF) and have been blessed with 2 wonderful grandchildren. I too am a veteran of the United States Army, where I initially trained as an Operating Room technician at Ft. Rucker, Alabama, and graduated from the Academy of Health Sciences at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. I went on to train as a Practical nurse, and later quickly completed Registed Nursing school in 1990. Years later I graduated from Jacksonville University in Florida with my BSN. Besides my work in the operating room, I enjoyed working in hemodialysis with clients suffering from kidney failure and have also worked in traditional bedside nursing. I spent several decades working in home care and Hospice, which is my true calling and passion. Giving one-on-one, compassionate nursing care to those in need in the respectful manner they deserve has been the absolute pleasure of a lifetime. I currently also teach Polestar Pilates, a rehabilitation based approach. In addition to working in functional medicine nursing, teaching and promoting health and wellness while exploring all available alternative health modalities whenever possible is extremely important to me. It is my sincere hope that the people I interact with professionally will benefit from my training and life experience. I truly believe we are put here together in life to help make each other's journey easier and the lives of others better every chance we get!

Barbara Vidacs headshot

Barbara Vidacs, MSN, RN

Barbara Vidacs is a Registered Nurse receiving her Master of Science in Nursing in 2015. Additionally, she served in the United States Army Reserve Nurse Corps for 24 years retiring as a Major in 2009. Barbara served as a nurse in the private sector, military, and federal service over the past four decades. She held various roles in allopathic specialties of Emergency Care, Diabetes Care, Home Care, Primary Care, Case Management, Medical Sales and Marketing and Executive Leadership. Barbara is an expert at navigating complex healthcare systems. In 2021 Barbara pivoted and has been on her own path to healing and change. She resigned from her full-time job as a case manager and decided to make self-care her leading priority. This departure from the current allopathic healthcare system was led by the inspiration to stay aligned with the values of medical autonomy, informed consent, and medical freedom! Barbara is joining Remnant Nursing enthusiastically to expand this alignment! The thought leaders that have deeply inspired Barbara through their work include Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Nouk Sanchez, Joe Dispenza, Zach Bush, Christiane Northrup, David Hawkins, and Stephen Covey. Through integration of learned principles and sharing this integration process in community, Barbara thrives today and is creating a conscious business that is in alignment with these principles. Scruffy, the cockapoo and “best dog on the planet” is her co-creator, inspiration, laughter and joy generator. Barbara’s goal and intention is to SERVE humanity and guide people to expand, grow and BE healthy, joyful, and playful. Her purpose is TO BE the lighthouse that illuminates people’s path to their own inner knowingness of self-care, love, and healing. Barbara invites you to join her and Remnant Nursing during this GAP period. The GAP period is “NOW”, when old systems are collapsing, and new systems are forming. A new vision is emerging and will arise for humanity. All of humanity will have access to drink healthy water, eat nutritious foods, move with enthusiasm and joy, collaborate, and contribute with creativity and ease, and be the light of Love intended for human beings on this beautiful planet Earth.

Maria Lavin headshot

Maria Lavin, RN, FMP

My name is Maria Lavin. I am a Registered Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner, a graduate of Kent State University and have been an RN for 26 years. I also have my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Marketing from Marshall University. Currently, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio although most of my career was spent in Cleveland, Ohio and working at The Cleveland Clinic. I have worked in several fields such as skilled care, oncology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, general surgery, and Executive Health/Preventive Medicine but most of my career was spent working in the Digestive Disease Institute as an endoscopy nurse. Currently, I work for a large Healthcare System at their Transfer Center where I initiate urgent and emergent patient transfers. Over the past 4 years, I became very aware of the “standard of care” with the current sick-care system we are now experiencing today. I believe in freedom for health, autonomy, informed consent and have always searched for the root cause of symptoms which led me to Remnant Nursing. With Functional Medicine, we look at the whole body with its many functioning parts. When we assess people with their symptoms and illnesses, we are not looking to determine a condition, rather, we are looking at what is interrupting the function in the body. We are looking for the root cause for the dysfunction. Patients-first with compassion needs to again be our goal. This is the way I have always functioned as a nurse. After listening and gathering your personal medical information, I will then be able to assist in educating, recommend a plan of care to implement, and evaluate results. I look forward in assisting you on your journey to better health and optimal function. My intention is to become proactive to improve our healthcare system and be a strong advocate that will allow patients to take back control of their health. Functional Medicine makes this possible. I live with my husband of 19 years, our 3 children (ages 15,13,10), and my English Springer Spaniel, Bailey. In addition to my nursing career, I have been focusing on my vocation as a wife and mother. I am very close to my faith and believe putting God in the center of my life allows me to fulfill my vocation the way God intends me to. I strive daily to be a good role model for my children.

Windy Harley headshot

Windy Harley, FMN, RN

Windy Harley, RN & Functional Medicine Nurse, boasts 30 years of nursing experience, including the last 12 years in telehealth across diverse regions in the U.S. For 18 years, Windy provided specialized care to cardio-thoracic patients, but the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted her to question prevailing narratives. In December 2020, she joined America’s Frontline Doctors and the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, sparking her pursuit of truth and rigorous research. This has included specialized training in functional nursing. Beyond research, Windy became a vocal advocate in her community, opposing mask mandates and supporting doctors and nurses facing license threats. Her commitment extended to engaging with city, state, and federal representatives, championing ethical healthcare principles. On her own time, she enjoys reading, spending time with family, and traveling.


Beverly Bueno, RN

Hi, my name is Beverly Bueno. With over 15 years of experience as a registered nurse, I am driven by a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. My journey into nursing began in 2007, following a life-changing liver transplant in 2005 that sparked a newfound determination to contribute to the field of healthcare. Throughout my transplant waiting period and subsequent recovery, I experienced many health challenges. In my 5-year waiting period, for a donor organ, I started swimming with USA Masters Swim Team, whom I believe, were my support group. I was never a competitive swimmer in my life. Nothing like literally jumping in the deep end, but it kept me alive. This is where I learned many things about myself and what my mind and body could achieve. This personal journey not only taught me resilience but also instilled in me a passion for advocating comprehensive, patient-centered care. I discovered the power of holistic approaches to wellness, embracing practices such as exercise, holistic nutrition, and alternative therapies. What was interesting to me was that preventive measures were never addressed in any of my medical allopathic care. These days I continue to learn about how food, environmental toxins, stress, and lifestyle choices affect homeostasis (balance)of the body and mind. I learned that I needed to advocate for myself to overcome several challenges. This was the beginning of my search for “wellness”. Prior to my nursing career, I spent over two decades in various healthcare roles, including medical bill auditing, Patient Accounts billing, supporting medical staff committees and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for FDA approval of new drug studies in my regional area. My transition into nursing encompassed diverse roles spanning long-term care, home health, hospice nursing, case management, and telephonic nursing for insurance companies where I honed my skills in patient advocacy and holistic care. These days I teach swimming and enjoy being a nurse part time. In addition to my nursing qualifications, I hold certifications in holistic nutrition and essential oils, reflecting my commitment to integrative healthcare practices. As a certified lifeguard and swim instructor, I also find joy in teaching others and promoting physical wellness. Over the years, I have become increasingly involved in patient advocacy, particularly in challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of my experience with the IRB for legal informed consent, this led me into the fight for freedom of individual autonomy and patient advocacy. I am deeply passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their health and help to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. My goal is to foster a collaborative approach to healthcare that prioritizes wellness and patient empowerment over the metrics-driven models in our conventional healthcare system. These days this is difficult for me to accept these metrics-driven models when my reason to become a nurse was “to make a difference. Corporate Mission statements do not match this metrics emphasis. It pushes a “sick care” model. I welcome any opportunity to support others on their journey to wellness and am dedicated to advocating for a healthcare system that embraces all models of care with a focus on holistic well-being. Together, let us work towards a future where healthcare is truly patient-centered and focused on finding solutions that promote lasting health and healing.

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