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man holding his arm with bandage on it

Vaccine Injury Program

We provide compassionate care to those who are suffering from vaccine injury. We see you and we are here for you.

Vaccine injuries can be complex, but many are treatable with appropriate interventions

Vaccine injury is a term used to describe adverse reactions that occur after vaccination. Adverse reactions can range from mild side effects such as fever or soreness at the injection site to more severe complications like anaphylaxis or neurological disorders.


To address vaccine injury effectively, a comprehensive approach is necessary. We utilize a homeopathic protocol that has shown extremely promising results among those treated. Our Remnant Care Kits include medications and supplements which are customized specifically for the patients current medical needs. 

Remnant Care Kits are available with membership and require an initial 1 hour consultation with one of our nurse practitioners.

Remnant Nursing customized care kits

Become a member of Remnant Healthcare and let us help you

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