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Our Services

At Remnant Healthcare, we take a root-cause approach to the care we provide. All of our nurses are trained in Functional Medicine, Homeopathy, and other holistic modalities. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is here to help guide our clients to their
highest and healthiest potential. 

Once a member, you will have access to book any of the programs and services that we provide. You can book services individually, or purchase multi-session packages or advocacy bundles at a discounted rate.


elderly man on video call with a nurse

Pans/Pandas Treatment

close up of childs hands playing with building blocks

First Responder Programs

silhoutte of firemen battling a fire

Advocacy Services

close up of nurses hands typing on her phone

Vaccine Injury Program

man holding his arm with bandage on it

Care Kits

Remnant Nursing customized care kits

Directed Blood Donation Network with Pure Blood Registry

PureBlood Registry logo

Our nurses provide advocacy services to assist in procuring clean, unvaccinated blood for transfusion, as well as facilitate the directed donation process.

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