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Medical sovereignty and freedom

I ponder the idea of medical sovereignty and freedom in this post pandemic time while simultaneously witnessing the declining health of large populations in 2024.

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The definition of sovereignty according to the Miriam-Webster dictionary is:

  • Supreme power over a body politic

  • Freedom from external control

  • Freedom from controlling influence.

Synonyms of sovereignty include autonomy, self-governance, freedom, liberty, self-government, independence, and self-determination. These words are familiar foundational values for many Americans, including me.

My conclusion as a healthcare provider is that our own health and well-being cannot be outsourced.  Each human has an inner guidance system, a divinity within, a life force, essence, and energy of our physical form.  The responsibility is ours to cherish and care for our essence, our energy by taking full accountability for EVERYTHING that happens to us.

Accountability is the recognition and acceptance that all our suffering is caused by one culprit, no matter how many varied forms it might appear to take.  The culprit is our own ego thought system.  The ego’s secret wish is to be unfairly treated.  This shows up in our lives as conflict, betrayal, abandonment, sickness, pain, scarcity, and death.

It is our own mind through the ego’s distorted filter of perception that the singular source is found and healed.  This is the teachings from “A Course in Miracles” and shared in virtual online international groups through the “Total Transformation Course.”

I know that when you change your thinking you change your life!  As a healthcare provider along the way I acknowledged and participated in a lot of “stinking thinking”.

Affirming this concept that “I accept that I am accountable for EVERYTHING that seems to happen to me” is the first step to lasting self-transformation.  Affirm: I cannot attack except by my own thoughts.

True accountability works “the magic” when we do not judge or blame others, the body, or our self, for our own unconscious self-attack.  To transcend, alchemize and just move on we must learn to forgive ourselves for unknowingly using others, our body, the past, and the world circumstances for the purpose of attack and separation.

Creating a philosophy for a new healthcare paradigm begins with each participant.  Some ideas that I have aligned with on my own healing journey and are guiding me forward to teach and implement for myself, my family and community include:

  • Speaking the truth without judgement or blame.

  • Respecting others’ rights to form their own values and beliefs.

  • Placing a greater value on learning from experience and INNER GUIDANCE than on teachings of an outside authority.

  • Taking responsibility for one’s situation in life.

  • Using positive and negative experiences to heal and grow.

  • Trusting completely in the HIGHER POWER regardless of the name one uses.

By taking full responsibility and accountability individually we create momentum and the terrain for more people “TO BE” sovereign, free and healthy.

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