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The Power of Intentional Co-Creation

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During this season of Spring as nature awakens with bright colors, singing birds, blue skies, and weather to savor and play in, I contemplate the “Ease” of Co-Creation.

As a wise disruptor and change agent I am asking the Divine to see things differently on a frequent basis now.

Knowing relationships reflect my continued growth, I intentionally make efforts each day to co-create partnerships in business and my personal life that are in alignment with the values that are important to me now. The values coming forth in Co-Creation include the ability to clearly communicate, aligned values with life and business, opportunity to "BE" all aspects of who I am, and aligned values about character, work ethic, and social connectivity.

The ability to clearly communicate has become a bit of a mess in 2024. There is a generational gap on how to communicate and the impacts of modern living highly influence the ability to clearly communicate. Also to consider now, is an evolution of humans with the ability to communicate telepathically.

With all these variables I remain grounded in a few strategies that are improving communications and the ability to co-create with enthusiasm. These include:

  • Be Impeccable with your Word and Deed. A foundational concept from the wisdom of the Four Agreements.

  • Know that words are powerful and “cast spells”. Choose words wisely, be soft spoken, consistent, tender, and kind.  See whomever you are communicating with as yourself in another form.

  • Having consistent awareness of multi-dimensional communication that utilizes our intuitive knowingness and Heart Chakra.

  • Be responsive to the communication of others which includes the characteristics of willingness, accountability, radical self-honesty, transparency, defenselessness, being trusting and gratefulness.

Sometimes I have a lot to say, and I want to “BE” provocative, and determined. I want the opportunity to “BE” vulnerable and strong, focused, and unclear. I want to bring balance to the feminine and masculine ways and to serve change.

I want to be seen and heard, like all humans.

The character of my friends and business partners is that of miraculous resonance, honesty, and being a team player.  As friends and intentional co-creators, we know we are safe with each other, we will go above and beyond to help each other, we have fun, and we exchange value that is mutually rewarding beyond our wildest imaginations.

The work ethic of my friends and business partners is one of balance. They know and live by the wisdom of rest, rejuvenation, and play.

The most important aspect of intentional co-creation is the social aspects of creating community which is changing rapidly in 2024. Each person has much to contribute to community, young, old, techy, pen and paper writer, innovator, meticulous observer, and visionary. There are plentiful quirks complimenting each person’s individuality while weaving a community of regeneration. Community builds immunity and longevity and is part of this now “Golden Age”.  

Each of us is a powerful creator and Co-Creator. The real energy is in the intention and then letting go and trusting the Divine to make it so. When we savor the space in between the words we give space to the Divine power in each of us that offers the grace and ease of Co-Creation with each other and with love.

And so it is!

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